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How it Works

1. Sign up and receive your 5 gallon bucket

To start, simply sign up. We have a handy tool at the top to let you know if you are in our service area. After you’re enrolled, we will send you your very own 5 gallon bucket that you can start filling with organic waste.

2. Fill your bucket with compostable waste

You’re creating compostable waste every day whether you realize it or not. Simply take that waste (click here for a full list of what you can compost,) toss it in your bucket, and go back to living your daily life.

3. We pick it up once a week

We will schedule an time that works for you where we can come and pick up your bucket full of goodies. When the day comes, simply take your bucket, put a lid on it, and leave it outside for our team to retreive.

4. We turn your waste into soil and give it back to you or donate it to community gardens

We take your unwanted waste and turn it into nourishing soils. From there you can either keep the soil (it’s yours after all) or you can donate it to community gardens. Either way, your waste is returned to the earth!


Did you know that 50% of household garbage can be composted? Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to put that 50% to work. Plus we make it simple. We come straight to your house, condo or apartment, pick up the goods, and transform it into nourishing plant food.


Office paper is compostable. So are coffee grounds. The average restaurant throws away 100,000 lbs of food every year. That’s not a typo. BCS helps restaurants close the loop from farm to table. Also helping offices think outside the cube with composting solutions built for modern businesses. 

Our Story

Providing Composting Services Since 2016

Brian Schneider started his composting business because he felt that he needed to do more to help our environment. As he became more interested in gardening, Brian began composting food waste which opened him up to more ideas. Everyone is throwing their leftovers in the trash and could easily recycle it.

Throughout these past few years, Brian worked with composters, farmers and business owners, gaining valuable knowledge and learning how truly beneficial composting can be to our environment and community. We are fighting an uphill battle to change our environmental issues but the little bit more we do every day as an individual, family and community we can make a huge difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

BCS Compost is a curbside service that recycles your food waste and other compostable material.

We pick up your bucket on a designated day once a week and swap it out for a clean one. ​ Subscribers can receive their own soil or they may donate it to community gardens.

What are the benefits of using BCS's curbside composting service?

Diverting your food waste from your regular trash pick up is a simple and eco-friendly way to help your local environment.

Composting also:

  • Reduces your trash volume
  • Reduces the amount of garbage in landfills
  • Reduces methane emissions
  • Saves money on trash bag cost
  • Shows your community how important the environment is to you
  • Never have to buy fertilzer for your garden
  • Composting enhances air quality, replensheses degraded soil and increases the nutrition of food grown in compost
How big is my bucket and where do I store it?

A residential bucket is 5 gallons in volume, 14″ tall and 12″ in diameter. It comes with a sealable lid that is easy to take on and off.

The majority of subscribers keep their bucket in the kitchen that best fits their layout. Others keep their bucket in a closet, garage or porch.

What can I compost?

Mainly all food scraps, except meat, and bones. For other wonderful composting material please refer to the compost list.

This is super rad! How do I start?
You may contact us through email at or call us at 267-249-3000

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Our Happy Clients

“Perfect for my condo and now I don’t feel bad throwing out my food scraps.”

– Shari

“It’s so simple. All I have to do is throw my food scraps in my bucket and Brian comes and picks it up once a week. Great idea!”

– Doug

,”Working with BCS Compost has been such a great asset to my business. Brian has helped us come up with sustainable solutions in the cafe, such as composting all our left over fruits and veggies and by choosing more eco-friendly containers, including reusable straws for all our smoothies and juices. His guidance and expertise has helped Nourishing Storm create a softer footprint, and we are very grateful to be working together.”

Kristin – Owner Nourishing Storm Studio & Cafe

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