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Our goal is simple – we want to make it as easy as possible for every person and business to convert their organic waste to soil by providing easy at-home and in-office services. 

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BCS Compost is a curbside composting service that collects food waste and other organic material from residential and commercial businesses.

All material collected is diverted from landfills and composted into rich organic nutrient dense soil that is given back to customers or donated to community gardens. We aim to help communities reduce their carbon footprint by working together to start an environmental revolution to live a more sustainable life.

Brian Schneider

Founder, co-owner

Throughout these past few years, BCS founder Brian Schneider has worked with composters, farmers and business owners gaining valuable knowledge and learning how truly beneficial composting can be to our environment and community. We are fighting an uphill battle to change our environmental issues but the little bit more we do every day as an individual, family and community we can make a huge difference.

Gen Chiu

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Gen has been connected to the earth since she was a little girl growing up in the Philippines. She grew up helping her family at their farm. Her exposure to the tough labor a farmer has to go through producing food for the community, rooted her deep connection with the soil and the love of protecting it. When she moved here in America, Gen went into a career in Software Development at Drexel University. But despite of the career shift, her burning love for the earth is still there, and she volunteers when she can at South Philadelphia community garden during her days off.

In 2020, while the rest of the world halted – while quarantined and alone, Gen missed the farm where she grew up. Food and farming are a huge part of Gen’s life, she grew up harvesting healthy crops and loves cooking for the whole family to enjoy a meal together. She remembered what her mother always says before a meal, “What grows from the soil can heal us, it is the fruit of resilience and generations of hard work”. This memory motivated Gen to sign up for a soil class through Kiss the Ground, where she met Brian. Gen immediately knew after connecting with Brian and talking about composting, that she had found her calling, her partner in life and her new home with BCS Compost.

Gen brought her passion and creative ways to grow the business to help people understands the importance of protecting our soil and how they can make a difference to the earth and bring composting to the community where climate change can be mitigated through their actions and the actions of BCS Compost.


Kimber Kurzmann

Social media manager
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Kimber is a mama of two, a yoga/mindfulness instructor and social media manager. She loves working with small businesses who align with her own beliefs, and has been excited to learn the ins and outs of composting over the last 3 years with BCS. She prioritizes low-waste living in her own home and hopes to help spread awareness/tips to help you do the same!

When she’s not teaching yoga or connecting with businesses online, you’ll probably find her on a hike with her littles, in a coffee shop or attempting to work on her green thumb (she managed to grow tomatoes this year!).

In response to the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal, Conscious Impact, a non-profit organization, has been working to support the rural community of Takure’ through sustainable, relationship-based development work. ​
Brian Schneider, the founder of BCS Compost, felt a connection to the work Conscious Impact was providing and decided to make the journey to Nepal to volunteer. During his time in Takure’ Brian worked alongside hardworking volunteers from across the world. They worked together building bamboo structures, producing and moving thousands of bricks to help rebuild homes, digging massive holes for planting citrus trees, working with local schools and creating a deep rooted connection with Nepal. ​
Continuing to work with Conscious Impact, BCS Compost is donating a portion of every customer’s first month’s fee. Your donation will help fund projects for the village of Takure’ and supporting the empowerment of the Nepalese people through natural rebuilding, education and agriculture.



Our Happy Clients

“Perfect for my condo and now I don’t feel bad throwing out my food scraps.”

– Shari

“It’s so simple. All I have to do is throw my food scraps in my bucket and Brian comes and picks it up once a week. Great idea!”

– Doug

“Working with BCS Compost has been such a great asset to my business. Brian has helped us come up with sustainable solutions in the cafe such as composting all our left over fruits and veggies and by choosing more eco friendly containers including reusable straws for all our smoothies and juices. His guidance and expertise has helped Nourishing Storm create a softer footprint and we are very grateful to be working together.”

Kristin – Owner Nourishing Storm Studio & Cafe

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